Welcome to our Field Station Advisory Committee!

by | Feb 24, 2022 | News

The FAIR Island Team is excited to establish and welcome our first Field Station Advisory Committee. This Advisory Committee was established to optimize the insight and experience of leading field station and research site network personnel: those who are best positioned to weigh in on the use case for better field station data management, and the development of the FAIR Island information infrastructure – including the research data policy, DMPTool and field station research outputs dashboard. 

The Committee is intentionally small to start, but crosses several important networks including LTER, the UC Natural Reserve System and the 4Site Network. Members include:

  • Neil Davies, Chair, Director of the UC Gump South Pacific Research Station and a founding director of the Tetiaroa Society and the Blue Climate Initiative
  • Katie Franklin, Science Manager for the Palmyra Program at The Nature Conservancy
  • Jay Reti, Director, Santa Cruz Island Reserve at University of California, Santa Barbara, UC Natural Reserve System
  • Corinna Gries, Lead Information Manager, Center for Limnology and co-PI Environmental Data Initiative
  • Nick , Climate Change Scientist at The Nature Conservancy

We held our first Advisory Committee meeting in February 2021 which focused on the goal to identify activities and challenges that field directors have when have to demonstrate the scientific impact of their field station. This first meeting supports DataCite user stories needed to develop the FAIR Island dashboard. We will share more results from that workshop in a future post.