• FAIRsFAIR Review of Tetiaroa Data Policy
    The FAIR Island Project participated in the FAIRsFAIR Policy Enhancement Support Programme in the first part of 2021 sharing the draft Tetiaroa Data Policy. The Policy Support Programme was an open call for policy enhancement support launched in late 2020. The call invited expressions of interest from policy makers at all levels to work with… Read More »News
  • Migrating our Data Policies to Github
    The Tetiaroa Data Policy and the Generic Place-based Data Policy that evolved from it, were both originally drafted in Google Documents. It was an easy way for many people to edit directly, comment and view, but it masked the evolution of the Policy, which is one key aspect of the FAIR Island Project. It also… Read More »News
  • FAIR Island Featured in the FAIRsFAIR Implementation Stories!
    This Spring FAIRsFAIR published an implementation story [1] on FAIR Island aligned with their theme: “Supporting Data Management Planning for FAIR.” From the FAIRsFAIR website: FAIRsFAIR Implementation stories illustrate good practices in research communities and organisations to support the implementation of the FAIR principles. These practices encompass ‘FAIR-enabling’ actions as recommended in the EC Expert… Read More »News
  • Tetiaroa Society ROR
    We are very excited that the Tetiaroa Society application for a ROR was approved! ROR stands for Research Organization Registry and RORs are organizational identifiers. The Tetiaroa Society ROR is The Tetiaroa Society ROR was in the first independent release for ROR, which is a major milestone that we are happy to be part… Read More »News
  • Welcome to our Field Station Advisory Committee!
    The FAIR Island Team is excited to establish and welcome our first Field Station Advisory Committee. This Advisory Committee was established to optimize the insight and experience of leading field station and research site network personnel: those who are best positioned to weigh in on the use case for better field station data management, and… Read More »News
  • 2021 FAIR Island Annual Report
    At the beginning of 2022 we published our first annual report for the FAIR Island Project. Through a community-oriented, open approach, the FAIR Island Project advanced social and technological infrastructure for place-based open science. In the section below, the project objectives, accomplishments through December 2021 and next steps are described: Develop and iterate on an… Read More »News
  • DMPTool/RAMS Integration
    One key integration for field stations is the link between the UC Natural Reserve System (UCNRS) Registration and Application Management System (RAMS),and the DMPTool. The Tetiaroa Ecostation and the Gump Field Station both user RAMS to track applications – project level requests to come to the field stations and reservations – visits linked to applications.… Read More »News
  • FAIR Island Project Receives NSF Funding
    The California Digital Library (CDL), University of California Gump South Pacific Research Station, Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), Metadata Game Changers LLC, and DataCite are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a 2- year NSF EAGER grant entitled “The FAIR Island Project for Place-based Open Science” (full proposal text).  The FAIR Island… Read More »News
  • Data Policy for FAIR Island Project nearing completion
    Our first focus area of the FAIR Island Project centered on establishing a FAIR-compliant Data Policy. In our initial phase, our primary goal is to finalize a draft data policy necessary to create an environment where all data and knowledge collected on Tetiaroa is curated and made openly available as quickly as possible. The draft… Read More »News
  • Updates from the fair island project: RDA Virtual plenary recap
    The Research Data Alliance held the Virtual 16th Plenary November 9-12, 2020. The RDA Virtual 16th plenary was a success with 697 attendees, over 100 sessions and 40+ posters. It provided the needed forum for the global data community to come together, connect around ongoing research data management activities and socially, despite the challenges of… Read More »News
  • Introducing Erin Robinson, New RDM Advisor
    Hello, my name is Erin Robinson and I am thrilled to join the FAIR Island team as the new Research Data Management Advisor. In the last ten years of working with the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) and the last six leading ESIP as the Executive Director, I worked with the data management innovators and… Read More »News
  • Help us design optimal Open Science policies
    Building on the IDEA Consortium, the FAIR Island project is an ambitious effort in collaboration with California Digital Library to develop an optimal data policy for place-based research (physical, biological, social science and the humanities). We focus on research stations as institutions seeking to implement a policy that ensures open access to data in active… Read More »News

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