Project Newsletter #1

by | Aug 4, 2022 | News

We just sent our first project newsletter! cool Below is a quick blurb and to read the full thing, check out this link. To be on the list to get these quarterly updates moving forward click subscribe at the bottom of the page. Thanks for following along!

Hello from the FAIR Island Team!

We are excited to check-in and give you an update about what’s been happening in our project. As a brief reminder, the FAIR Island Project works with two working field stations, the Tetiaroa Ecostation and the Gump South Pacific Research Station, both in French Polynesia. With these field stations, our goal is to translate the FAIR principles into action through three steps:

  1. Develop place-based data policy that supports optimal data stewardship
  2. Extend the use of data management plans (DMPs) beyond the proposal phase of a project
  3. Integrate with existing research infrastructure like DataCite Commons

In the past year, we worked hard to put FAIR into action and we summarized our early results in an annual report and our NSF annual report. The primary outcomes are that we synthesized a lot of community feedback and published our first official version of the Generic Place-based Data Policy and we have piloted the use of networked DMPs to connect research outputs to the field stations and you can check out the initial DMPs on the DataCite Commons pages for the Tetiaroa Society and for the Gump South Pacific Research Station. Our work is expanding to include CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance (Carroll et al., 2020) and we hope to have more to share about that in our next newsletter.  

Read on for a few blog highlights from this Spring and links from around the FAIR ecosystem that we are following. We would love to expand our work to a few more field stations. If you are interested or have other ideas, reply to this note or send an email to and we will connect. 

Thanks for reading –  

Erin Robinson
FAIR Island Research Data Management Advisor 
on behalf of the FAIR Island Team